P&C roundup – 7th August

The meeting on Wednesday night was well attended despite the rain and the lure of the Offspring bombshell. We even had two new members attend which was nice to see.

There was a comprehensive update by Mrs. O’Dea. She reminded the group that –

  • The School Sports day is in planning and will be held on the school oval this year (next to the Kindy rooms) due to Browne’s Stadium being unavailable. The P&C will look into providing a sausage sizzle on the day so parents who are available during the day on a Thursday, that can help out would be appreciated.
  • Year Seven students are fundraising for their camp. The P&C agreed to donate $1200 towards some of the fantastic activities they engage in during the camp, reducing the overall cost to parents.
  • The uniform shop is relocated to make more space for the canteen days which are being organised. This will occur over the next month and information about the new uniform shop home will be posted when it occurs.
  • The school was given a $15,000 towards interactive whiteboards. This means the school will have purchased 5 whiteboards. The P&C agreed to contribute enough money for a further 5 whiteboards (approximately $28,500), leaving only 3 classrooms without one. This was a great contribution from the P&C, and the reason for all our hard work. The focus of the rest of the year’s fundraising will go towards the final three whiteboards.
  • New playground equipment is being installed this week.

The fundraising committee reported on upcoming events such as

  • Chocolate fundraiser is underway.
  • Planning for upcoming Election day
  • Fathers day stall for students the week before Father’s day.

Planning for the canteen is underway and Leanne is working hard to get ready. It is now estimated it will be ready to go in the fourth term. She has a good number of volunteers but more are always welcome. If there are lots of volunteers, people should only need to offer a couple of hours every couple of months. Please contact Leanne at lathlaincanteen@gmail.com


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