P&C imageThe AGM was well attended on Wednesday with approximately 21 people attending with a few new faces making a great change. There was a lot to get through and Sharon pushed us on to make sure all the items were attended to.

There was a general acknowledgment from the existing committee members and school staff in attendance that the P&C has really developed into a friendly and well-functioning unit over the past few years.  Achievements in 2013 included

  • Funding 5 interactive whiteboards for the classrooms. The P&C approved funding for one more whiteboard during this meeting, leaving only two classes without this equipment.
  • Purchase of an improved Sound System for assemblies and other events
  • Funds for library and other classroom resources for the teachers and students
  • Contributions to the year 7 camp
  • Establishing the canteen on Friday’s was a substantial achievement, driven by Leanne and her team.
  • Relocation of the Uniform Shop and ongoing organisation and provision of a great service by the Shinobu and Fenny who ensure our kids look smart at school.
  • Establishment of the P&C blog to help try to keep parents informed and encourage school community participation

The fundraising committee works hard throughout 2013 to top up P&C funds that were directed towards school resources. Fundraising events during 2013 included organising two election day events, yearly quiz night, student father’s day stall, chocolate fundraiser, Easter  raffle, selling entertainment books, running the Bunning’s sausage sizzle day and helping with celebrating the time capsule. Many of these events will be repeated in 2014, with the addition of a mother’s day stall in May, investigation of another family photo day. Any other suggestions are always welcome.

New initiatives by the P&C this year, include establishing the parent classroom representatives. We are hoping to have one or two parents from each class who can act as information distributors between the P&C and parents. This is to ensure everyone knows what is going on with the P&C and so far we have had volunteers for half the classes and are still looking for people in class rooms 9, 12, 14, 17, 19.

Mrs. O’Dea reported the school will be actively looking into making applications for independent school status and presented a wish list of items the P&C could contribute to for the school. During the meeting, one electronic whiteboard, additional choir shirts and funding for participation in the Massed Choir and funds to assist with landscaping around the junior playgroup were approved. Other items to work towards during the year include the final 2 electronic whiteboards, sports equipment, chaplaincy funding, Staging equipment, Yr 7 graduation contributions and camp. These will all be discussed in the next P&C meetings.

The formal part of the AGM was actually pretty quick as the committee did not change significantly from last year. However, it should be noted that many members have been on the P&C for a number of years and will be looking to vacate next year, so new members are essential to help continue the good work.


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