Time Capsule and Art Display photo’s

A great afternoon was had on Tuesday the 3rd of December as staff, ex-students, parents and current students relaxed and browsed through the end of year art display and time capsule items. Vaughan McCue kindly took some photo’s of the day and I have included them below. I wasn’t exactly sure who some of the people were so I apologise for them being unmarked. However, if you didn’t get to go to the evening you’ll at least get a flavour for what it was like. Lots of thanks to organisers for the night – Brett Turner for his enthusiasm in getting it organised, Rebecca McAdam for her delicious cupcakes, Leanne for being on the canteen and getting it ready. Of course it couldn’t have gone ahead without the great support from Mrs. O’Dea, and from Mrs. Shepherdson who did an amazing job in organising and displaying both the art and the time capsule contents.

lath capsule event7357

lath capsule event7351 2013-11-27 18.31.07 lath capsule event7346 lath capsule event7317lath capsule event7334lath capsule event7350 lath capsule event7330 lath capsule event7323  lath capsule event7301 lath capsule event7303 lath capsule event7304 lath capsule event7306  lath capsule event7310 lath capsule event7311 lath capsule event7314 lath capsule event7316 lath capsule event7300 lath capsule event7299 lath capsule event7297 lath capsule event7294 lath capsule event7291 lath capsule event7290 lath capsule event7288lath capsule event7309


9 thoughts on “Time Capsule and Art Display photo’s

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  2. Hi there , Was there any pics of what actually came out f the time capsule, I’m sure my year 4 or 5 class put some items in there?

    • Sorry for taking so long to reply – I have been away on holidays. You would probably do best to approach the school for a more detailed list of photo’s. They probably still have the items on display somewhere in the school.

  3. me too! im over in NSW now..we did a time capsule at lathlain and i have always wondered about it! i would love to see what it was we put in there.. is there a chance we can reclaim it or is it staying on display? either way i would love to see it!

  4. Hi, thanks, sorry I’m not interested in a new capsule, just the contents of the old one, can you tell me where it all is? Thanks

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