P & C Events

The P & C organises a number of community and fundraising events during the year. So far this year we have already held the – State election sausage sizzle – Easter Raffle and Quiz night. We still have lots more to organise

– Bunnings BBQ – May & Chocolate fundraiser (Term 2) and on their way. We are hoping to organise a new event but will need some help to get it going.

– Federal Election School mini fete – September

Quite a few people have suggested a school fair. We would like to give it a go but we need volunteers. If you think you would be able to either

– make or contribute food or craft items.

– Help on the day by selling on a stall for a few hours

– Help with the pre-organisation of the stalls (book/craft/second hand toys/plants/food)

We especially need people willing to do the last two items, so please drop us a line (lathlainfundraising@gmail.com). We will only go ahead if we can get enough help to make this a successful day. So don’t be shy – drop us a line and get involved in the school community.

If you would like to suggested or organise a fundraising event we would love to hear it.


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