P & C meeting 30th October 2013: Roundup

The recent P&C meeting was held on Wednesday from 7pm. However, as I haven’t included any info about the meeting from the 4th of September, I’ll add a brief overview based on the minutes accepted on the 30th.

4th September:

  • Discussed the success of the Election Day Stalls.
  • Thanks to Marie Bantleman for assistance with Sports Day Sausage Sizzle.
  • Year 7 Footy Raffle raised approximately $431 that will go towards school camp for Year 7 students.
  • Submitted auditors report for 2012 with comment that the auditor was satisfied.
  • Discussions around activities to mark the opening of the time capsule in November.
  • Discussions about the impact of suggested changes to state funding of public schools.
  • Fathers Day stall was a success and raised approximately $600
  • Update on moving the Uniform shop
  • Update on development of canteen: There were 30 volunteers on the helpers list. A total of $7000 had been approved in the setting up of the school canteen.

30th October:

  • Further discussion of time capsule events and combined day on the green and school art display on the 3rd of December. Students will be able to participate in a colouring competition and 80’s quiz in the lead up.
  • The Canteen was into it’s 2nd week of operation and was receiving just over 100 orders on the Thursday. The order system and volunteers appeared to be working well and overall operation was promising.
  • Finances: The impact of increased complexity in financial reporting given the P&C is now running both a Canteen and Uniform Shop and usual fundraising events, was discussed. It was agreed to allow the treasurer to purchase an appropriate financial package (e.g. MYOB) and laptop to ensure all finances were recorded and reported accurately and easily. This will also facilitate the transfer of financial information to successive treasurer’s. In addition, the treasurer agreed to explore electronic payment options that parents may use to pay for items such as uniforms, P&C contributions, fundraising activities.
  • Class parent representatives: A draft outline of a new P&C position was submitted. The purpose being to establish a system where each class room has a parent who can liaise between the P&C and parents on a more personal level. It is hoped this will result in better dissemination of information to the whole school community and facilitate greater participation. Although the committee was supportive of the plan, more thorough description of roles, responsibilities and procedures were requested before implementing the new role.
  • Term 3 Fundraising Profit
    • Fathers Day Stall      $695.75
    • Election Day Stall     $3347.87
    • Chocolates               $766 (not finalised)\
    • Sports Day SS         $786.66

                   TOTAL                      $5597.23


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