Hot Topics for Parents and Students

Want to know more about what happened to the canteen, or why electronic whiteboards are the thing to have. You can suggest topics for P&C discussion and if there is anything you want to know about, we will try to provide relevant information. Teaching and education related topics should be directed to the teaching staff at the school.

The P&C works with the principal and teachers in deciding where the raised funds are best spent for the school. However, the views and suggestions of parents are also sought. What things would you like the school to spend P&C fundraising?


Interactive Whiteboards:

The use of IWB’s seems relatively new and so finding good quality information about them was not that easy. However, I had added a few links below depending on your level of interest. However, the general view of them seems to be summarised by the statement below.

“The findings of this study found that the use of interactive whiteboards is viewed positively by system administrators, school executives, teachers and many students. Teachers in particular liked the organisational capacity of the boards and the visual impact. Students commented on the way use of such boards saved paper and the match of such technology with their use of technology outside of the school. Learning outcomes observed were not specifically related to IWB usage, although most teachers appreciated the way it could be used to achieve quality teaching framework elements of connectedness and engagement.”

Exploring Pedagogy with interactive whiteboards, Prof. S Schuck & Dr. M. Kearney, April 2007. NSW, Dept of Education.

Generally it seems they are a useful additional tool in the classroom for teachers, but how much they impact on the student’s learning continues to be dependent on the skill and enthusiasm of the teachers themselves. They certainly appear to help the teachers find new and interesting ways to present information, and allows them to organise and store past lesson’s more effectively. The use of IT in the classroom will be an increasingly important part of education, and it is great we can support Lathlain teachers to be as up to date as possible.

Interactive Whiteboard Training (2012):

Using IWB’s to enhance maths teaching (2006):

The Ulimate Collaboration (2007):

ICT in the modern Age


10 thoughts on “Hot Topics for Parents and Students

  1. I would like to suggest that some of the funds be allocated to the purchase of a class set of tablets (ipads), so all class members can be taught and able to each use a piece of IT technology and they could be use by all classes at various times/

    • Great suggestion Greg. I think (although will have to confirm) that the P&C has approved buying some tablet type items for the school. I’ll check at the next P&C meeting if this is the case and the details.

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  3. I would like the school/school council to consider upgrading the school uniform t-shirts to
    micro-fibre…with the blue being the dominate colour with white trim (similar to the Year 7’s graduation shirt last year). Many state primary schools (new and existing) have moved in this direction. They look smart and are easier to keep clean.

      • Hi. I mentioned your request at the recent P&C meeting. I was informed that requests regarding uniform changes need to go to the School Council. I would suggest a letter to Mrs. O’Dea or speaking to a School Council member. The idea was supported by a number of P&C members but unfortunately we don’t make those decisions.

      • I have heard more recently that the Uniform committee is looking into new uniform material – what a great suggestion that seems to have been taken up. When more information comes to can we will let you know.

      • I’ve seen in the latest newsletter that a whole rebranding is underway including looking at new uniforms. Will sit tight and await the outcome

  4. What is the latest information regarding Lathlain applying (or not applying as the case may seem) to become and independent school? Will Lathlain be applying next year? The benefits of becoming independent are enormous and more and more local schools have gone down this path including Kensington Primary School.

    • I am pretty sure the school did apply last year but didn’t get accepted. I imagine they will try again but shall check at the next P&C meeting if this is the case. As a rule, these sorts of decisions are not made at a P&C level but Cathy does let us know if it is something on the cards and she has communicated it to the school when/if they do it.

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