First P&C meeting for 2014

The meeting held in February was attended by most of last year’s P&C members, a few regular teachers and Mrs. O’Dea . It was a little disappointing that there were no new faces to be seen as we always like to hear from new people and fresh perspectives. In general the meeting consisted of a catch up on items from last year with the usual update from the Principal. Items of interest that were raised surrounded

– Upcoming picnic on the green organisation.

– Request from Year 6 and 7 teachers for additional fundraising support for end of year camp.

– Acknowledgement from the Uniform Shop that during non-peak times the volunteers are only able to open once a week rather than twice a week. If anyone would like to assist with the second day it would be greatly appreciated and they can contact the P&C president or any P&C member.

– The canteen was ready to get going in the new year. There was acknowledgement from Leanne that opening the canteen even one day a week takes up considerable time. She noted that opening for any additional days was too time consuming for volunteers unless the P&C considered hiring a full time canteen organiser. At this stage everyone at the meeting seemed happy to keep the canteen at one day per week but will continue to consider the future needs of the canteen throughout the year. There may be occasional “special item” days where the canteen can sell cupcakes or specific items for fundraising.

– The treasurer will continue to look into improved accounting processes for the P&C . Rebecca looked into installing a Credit Card facility in the Uniform Shop but found the costs and charges prohibitive. Roberta will look into the possibility of using PayPal in the P&C blog which may facilitate online ordering for the uniform shop and P&C contributions.

– Mrs O’Dea explained the process around the Education Depts. school census and the impact it has on the way children and teacher are allocated to classes. It was highlighted that the loss of students who were confirmed in Dec 2013, or who aren’t present on the day of the census (Feb 14th this year), has considerable impact on the way the school is funded and ultimately on the number of staff. She acknowledged how the changes to classes can be upsetting for children (and parents), but it was unfortunately unavoidable when student numbers fluctuate. The next school census day in August 1st.

– Next P&C meeting will be the AGM 19th March, where new committee members will be elected. All positions become vacant, any financial member of the P&C (it costs $1) can nominate.


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