Fete numbers are in – We did really, really well…

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The fete was such a huge success on so many fronts. We had amazing school participation with 180 people volunteering their time on the day and another 150 people contributing in the form of commercial stalls, entertainment and community groups. I think we can confidently say we fulfilled the motto of our major sponsor Healthway – Act-Commit-Belong.

So are you curious about how much we made from the fete?


Well it it was more than $10,000





More than $15, 000





How about


Image result for $20,000 GIF


Congratulations Lathlain Primary School for a momentous effort.

Now what to spend it on…hmmmm. Well the P&C will always rely firstly on the school to guide us around what it needs. However, we are also keen to hear from you and what you think would be a good way to spend some money in the school – a sensory/nature play garden?  new sports equipment ? more shade in the playground? Let us know what you think and even if we can’t address it now – it will give us something to work towards next year.



3 thoughts on “Fete numbers are in – We did really, really well…

  1. Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!
    Congratulations to all on a job well done!!

    My suggestion would be to create an area for down time for children who need it. As most are now aware, my son Oscar is high-functioning Autistic. It was suggested to me that he have a place to be when he gets over stimulated, or angry or upset, just to be and be calm while being safe.
    He is obviously not the only child in our school who would benefit from such a place.

    However the money is spent, I have no doubt it will be of great benefit to all 🙂

  2. Holy great job Batman! How wonderful of our community to give so much support. WELL DONE to everyone involved!
    I am sure we will all come up with some brilliant ways to spend the money and our family is excited to see the outcome!

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