P&C happenings and meeting summary

P&C pictureThe P&C has been busy this term with a number of successful activities which have been acknowledged in the recent P&C meeting.

The same week the Mothers Day stall was held on the Thursday and Friday – it was a big week. This is one of my favourite events to help out on. There is nothing cuter than a bunch of kids with $5 trying to decide what to get their mum. Hoping all the mum’s enjoyed their kids choices. Thanks to Sue Shadbolt who has this event down to a fine art. Now we’ll look ahead to fathers day.

The Light Up Lathlain evening was a great community event held by the council. I saw many parents and children wandering around looking at the stalls and having fun. The School was given a free stall where we provided sausages, kebabs and some cakes. It was very, very popular with a huge line for hungry punters. Thanks to all the parents who helped out on the night and in particular to Ben Pitham for oganising it, and his gorgeous son for helping out – what a trooper he was. The school made a very tidy $1100.

Walk to School Day: This event is run by the canteen ladies and is always well received. A morning of fruit kebabs and pancakes, following healthy walk to work. Thanks to all the canteen ladies for running this each year. The money raised (approx. $550) goes directly back to the canteen to ensure they have all the equipment to run it as efficiently as possible

The P&C has successfully obtained a donation from the local Carlisle IGA that will allow us to purchase one large sports marquee. Transit Clothing has donated towards the purchase of another. The P&C is working towards purchasing 4 of this marquee’s which are about $1700 each and will provide each sports faction a nice shady place for both school and interschool sports and any other events that require this kind of structure.

The Year 6 children had their yearly camp last week and from all accounts they had a blast. Each year the P&C contributes to the costs of this camp (ie, the cost of one of their activities) to help ensure costs remain a bit more manageable and the kids have a great time.

The P&C agreed to contribute $400 towards essential maths resources for PP to yr 2. These resources will allow students and teachers to select various activities which are problem solving activities and a teacher resource.

P&C has agreed to donate approximately $2,000 towards sports equipment. Discussion took place and a list of equipment has been formulated by the school.

Canteen Manager: The P&C and canteen sub-committee have been in discussions for some time about hiring a paid canteen manager on a part time basis. The re-opening of the canteen by Leanne, and ongoing organisation by a number of parents (Michelle C, Jenny and Alex) has been fantastic and well received by the school. But it is a big job for one person to fit into their usual week and volunteers struggle to keep up. The sub-committee have put up a very impressive plan on how they might employ someone and it has been agreed to trail this one all the appropriate changes and documentation has been finalised. Given the growing size of the school, this will provide the canteen with greater scope to grow or change as needed and means there is more security in having one person take responsibility for it all.

Undercover Area: The school continues to explore the possibility of enclosing the undercover area. Costs and plans for these changes are starting to firm up and will be communicated by Mrs O’dea as they become clearer.