Easter Raffle Bonanza


Every year the East raffle just gets bigger and bigger. Last year we have about 40 prizes and this year we had enough donations to get out 51 prizes – that is a lot of chocolate. Thanks to all the parents who provided chocolate, bunnies, baskets and a whole variety of lovely easter items. Thanks also to Emma Turner, who collects and then beautifully packages all the prizes each year. Rebecca McAdam, Sue Shadbolt, and Sharon Hughes drew all the prizes this morning and all the prize winners have been posted outside the reception and have been contacted. Even the teachers managed to get lucky with Mrs O’Dea, Mrs. Dellaposta and Mrs. Paynter all having some yummy treats to get them through the week. This is a great little fundraiser to start our year and contributed $1100 to the school.    Exif_JPEG_PICTURE Exif_JPEG_PICTURE Exif_JPEG_PICTURE


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  1. Yes I agree, Emma does a fantastic job with packaging all the prizes – they look so professional.

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