P&C AGM: And our new members are !!!

P&C imageThe P&C held its annual general meeting on Wednesday 18th of March. It was well attended with both old and new members. A number of issues were discussed and new committee members were voted in. We said goodbye to our President for the past few years, Sharon Gayski, who has been a great contributor to the P&C for a number of years. Although she couldn’t quite leave the group altogether and stayed on as vice-president for the year. We said farewell as vice-president to Vaughan McCue who has also been a solid member of the P&C team for many years and helped keep our meeting running smoothly and quickly. However, he has kindly agreed to stay on to help out with the blog. So  run down on committee members are –

President: Brett Turner

Vice-President: Sharon Gayski

Secretary: Luana Lisandro

Treasurer: Rebecca McAdam

Canteen Sub Committee: Luana L; Alyx; Leanne; Michelle B

Uniform Sub Committee:Ange Tulk; Rebecca McAdam; Kim Stevenson

Fundraising Committee: Sue S; Roberta M; Ben P; Florence D; Julia D; Emma H

Parent Classroom Co-ordinator: Ben Pitham

Blog Co-ordinators: Roberta Mcleod and Vaghan McCue

Congratulations and thanks to all those who have shown an interest and put up their hands. Please feel free to contact or approach any of these member if you have any questions.

There were a number of other issues addressed in the meeting

Parent Class reps:

So far not many parents may be aware of, have volunteered to be class reps. This was an excellent initiative started last year that provided the P&C with a link to parents so information got to everyone more reliably. It is a pretty easy role which just requires one parent from each class to gather contact details from parents in the class (usually email) and then just pass on any relevant information. It might be requests for help with an activity or information about events coming up. It can also provide parents with a line of communication to the P&C if they want to raise an issue or make a suggestion. Please contact Ben Pithamn (via P&C box at the front office or in person) if you would like to volunteer to be the class rep and he will discuss the role with you.

– Canteen long term viability:

The canteen has been back and running since Sept. 2013, thanks to the dedication of Leanne who has worked so hard. Now there is a regular group of parents who volunteer on Fridays but there are also a core group of parents who work behind the scenes doing all the essential administrative work (ordering, stocktake, finances, compliance) and this takes a lot of time and effort. The committee noted that expecting one or two volunteer parents to have the time and skills to do this role was not viable in the long run. They are currently looking into whether funding a paid position would be an option and this would also include whether increasing the number of days would also he viable. It is important to know that the school did not have a canteen service at all for a number of years. For some time the lunches were provided by the deli that was taken over by the Kettle cafe, when that closed there was nothing until Leanne took it up. If any parent feels they have the time (probably 1-2 days per week) to take up a role like this on a regular basis, please approach the canteen to discuss. Otherwise we may face the sad possibility that if our current volunteers become unavailable, that we won’t have a canteen.

– P&C support of road safety measures on Roberts Rd

A worrying incident was reported during the meeting about a student who was accidentally injured by a car on Roberts Rd. whilst scootering home after school. There was some discussion around whether the P&C could submit a request to the council for a road crossing on Roberts Rd, as it is a busy road and a number of students do need to cross this road to and from school. The P&C agreed to try and support the school by looking into what evidence the council requires to justify a child crossing sign or service. It was acknowledged this council has not been particularly open to individual comments and and queries on this matter, but hoped that a more unified approach may hold more weight. If you are a parent with children who use Roberts Rd. and have also have concerns about the lack of crossing and would like to support this cause, please contact the school to register your interest in helping.