P&C activities

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Another year begins for the fundraising committee at the P&C.

We have three upcoming activities where you can help out. These are all easy to organise events and we would really like some new people to get involved. The fundraising committee is happy to assist as much as possible and these are great ways of getting involved without feeling like you have to spend lots of time and effort. If you think you can help organise any of these events please let us know. If you look at past blog posts on this site you will see some examples of what these events have involved.

Picnic on the Green:

This friday is the picnic on the green and we need about 4 or 5 volunteers who can sell the rolls, icy poles and drinks. No cooking required as the local butcher will do all this for us. We just need to sell the items.

Easter Raffle:
This event pretty much just requires someone to pick up, store and repack lots of chocolate and the raffle money. It requires some work for about 2 weeks prior to the event. Emma did this fantastically last year and is happy to continue to help so you can learn from her.

Mothers Day stall in May

This is a relatively easy activity that we would really like someone new to put their hand up for. We will order the items (they need to be purchased now or they sell out). We just need someone to organise volunteers for the Thursday and Friday lunch times before Mother’s Day.

If you know anyone else who might be interested in helping or being on this list please let us know at


Hoping for another productive P&C year