1st week of School: Welcome Back

Welcome back to school parents. As we take a universal sigh of relief that holidays are over, we also brace ourselves for the school year with all the activities that our kids get involved in (an us too). We hope you have a great year at the school.

A few things to start the year

– Uniform Shop: If you have a few hours to spare once or twice a week, some volunteers who can open the uniform shop would be hugely appreciated. In the past the shop has opened once in the morning and once in the afternoon, for an hour or so. We can be totally flexible about times if someone can make themselves available. Please contact the P&C or school reception to register your interest.

– School Fee’s: Today I paid for school and book fee’s via eftpos at reception. This is a fantastic addition to the school administration and was sooooooo very easy and convenient. Don’t forget you can use this service and you don’t have to try and remember to have the right cash.

– P&C contributions: The P&C is always working hard to help the school with things the budget does not stretch to. Your P&C contribution is a huge part of helping us to do this. The suggested amount is $30 per child or $70 for families of 3 or more. You can pay by putting cash in the P&C box at the front office, or contact the treasurer (Rebecca McAdam) and make a electronic transfer to the P&C account