Don’t Forget

Parent School Survey:

Responses due 17th October

School Swimming Permission due 24th October

Time Rooms Year
10:40 2,6,19 1,3,6/7
11:25 5,15,18 1,4/5,6/7
12:10 3,4,9,12 PP,2,3
1:10 1,7,8,11 PP,1,2,3/4
1:55 13,14,17 PP,4,5/6

2 thoughts on “Don’t Forget

  1. I know the survey comes from the school admin and not the P&C, but it does not provide ample opportunity to express thoughts on the questions asked. What is more, the scope is so narrow that other important issues are not addressed, such as school communication. At least I can have a whinge on the blog!

    • Hopefully enough parents complete this survey so that the school considers it worthwhile to do more surveys like this. Then perhaps parents can have more opportunity to communicate with the school. I think historically, not many parents actually take the opportunity to reply to these surveys in the first place.

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