Condolences to the Wood Family.


Lisa Woods was the former Uniform Shop Co-ordinator for a number of years, and she was a very active member of the school community and P&C. She withdrew from the uniform shop role some years ago due to illness, and very sadly passed away last week. The P&C would like to pass on our condolences at this very sad time to her husband, Jason, and three children, Toni, Emily and Marcus.

One way we thought the school community could support the Woods family, would be to help out with frozen meals. Next time you cook up a curry, spaghetti or soup, or bake some muffins, do a bit extra that can freeze or be put into lunch boxes. It can be one less task that the family needs to think about, when there are so many other priorities to focus on.

If you would like to help out in this way, please contact Sharon Gayski, who will co-ordinate any contributions.

Mobile: 0407 773 691; Email: