Election Day Success

No matter who you voted for, the election day is always a good opportunity for the school to raise funds for the kids. This year was no exception.

We started with 4 tables of cakes which all sold, making us a tidy $1382. Thanks to all the parents who contributed, your cooking skills were appreciated by the wider community who enjoyed the selection.

election day cakes

We sold approximately 150 bacon burgers and 300 sausages which resulted in takings around $1700. A huge thanks goes to Brett Turton who helped us get all the sausages, ice and sauce.

The paint wheel and mini book sale was a hit with both parents and children. Everyone was fascinated to see how such a simple idea produced such effective and creative results. Although we didn’t really make money on this, it was a great way to encourage people to hang around and have a look and it kept kids entertained whilst parents were voting. Thanks to Brett Turner for putting together the paint contraption – he may even give us the plans so you can make it yourself at home.

election art

Although the final count is not certain, it looks like we raised about $3000 for the school, which is fantastic.

The Year 6/7 students and parents did well selling raffle tickets for their hamper and selling plants. They have been very proactive in raising funds towards the end of year camp which is combined both grades this year. I have heard a rumor they raised approximately $1800 for the end of year camp, which is a fantastic effort.

election day plants

Election day has a lovely, community feel to it. We had an excellent selection of volunteers this year, meaning no-one had to wear themselves out by standing all day. Thank-you to those who gave up a few hours of your time, I hope you enjoyed being a part of it. The newly formed classroom parent reps spread the word and people responded really well. It is great to see more and more new volunteers each year, I hope the P&C efforts to communicate and engage with the parents is starting to have an impact.