Uncovering a piece of Lathlain Primary School history: 1988-2013

Three time capsules were exhumed on the 15th of November 2013. The capsules had been set in a cubic metre of concrete! It took 3 days for Des the grounds keeper chiseling away to free them and another 2 days to prise the caps free. Upon which they were carefully placed back in the ground under a protective cover for the official unearthing.

2013-capsule10 gardener

There was a great turn out of new and ex-students to bear witness of the capsules being opened. Inside were letters, drawings, photographs and newspaper clippings that will now be carefully sorted through ready for their official display December 3rd.  Happy to say that the condition of all items was pretty good with just a little water damage to some.

2013-capsule9 garden

My favourite item was a small canister holding the ashes of the school cane, including a photo of the last boy it was used on!

2013-capsule4 revised

There was also a poster talking about the need to save our forests and a drawing of a house in the future that included an array of solar panels on the roof.

2013-capsule7 revised

Sarah Motherwell from the Community Newsgroup turned up with a photographer and was very excited about the event Which resulted a great article in the Southern Gazette.

There were also two video cassettes and an audio tape. One video is a recording of the school assembly held for the Bicentenary with allot of the kids dressed in period costume. It runs for about 40 minutes and you can see the first 2 capsules being place in the ground.

2013-capsule6 revised

The other shows a school fete held in March 1988 with a whole bunch of activities taking place around the school courtyard including a chocolate wheel, a jumble sale and lots of baked goods, a puppet show and karate demonstration. The second half is of an upper school assembly. The guest speakers include the then premier, Peter Dowding and a vey, young looking Geoff Gallop who was at the time, member for Victoria Park.

The audio tape records a conversation by phone to a school in Idaho by the name of Caldesac. The kids had exchanged letters with questions and they got the answers via the phone call. At one point a Lathlain teachers mentions the kids would sleep well as it was 1.30 in the morning Australian time! The call ends with the children of Lathlain singing ‘Waltzing Matilda’, ‘The star Spangled Banner’ and ‘We wish you a Merry Christmas’

We hope to upload the videos and audio to YouTube later in December.

All the contents of the Time Capsule will be on display at the school and open to the public on Tuesday the 3rd of December, when the school has its annual ‘Picnic on the Green’. School grounds will be open 4.30pm till 6.45pm and all are welcome. The canteen will be open and providing drinks and treats but please bring your own picnic dinner.

Thanks to Brett Turner for writing this article, providing photo’s and generally getting into the spirit of the capsule uncovering by helping to organise the celebration on the 3rd. of December