Federal Election Day Stalls: The results are in…

fed election stalls 2013 (1)The P&C always makes the most of an election by having the expected sausage sizzle and cake stall. We thought we might try something a bit more this year and sold second hand books, toys, household wares and plants. Well, as you all know the day started with some pretty miserable weather which didn’t help the mood, but as the clouds cleared we did some pretty reasonable business. The cake stall is always a winner and thanks to all the parents who donated delicious cakes, slices, lollies and savoury items both on Friday, and the regular deliveries we got on the Saturday. A raffle was also run on the day with a gourmet food hamper made up with donations from teachers, which was a great success. One of our students, Mattie Sankey, did a great job encouraging the public to buy tickets all day, helped by fellow student Owen McMahon for a short time. The winner of the raffle was a local lady in Streatley Rd, who was reportedly very excited. The sausage sizzle sold out and the second hand stalls did steady business, but the plants were a surprise success. Thanks to Grace Owens and Eliza Sankey for their plant contributions and to all the families who donated to the second hand stall. In total, the day made about $3200 for the school, which is a fantastic effort, and it will go towards those final electronic whiteboards.

fed election stalls 2013 (4)

We did have left over second hand stalls items and these were gratefully accepted by OP shops around the community, with some items going to the Kindy and Pre-School classes. The left over plants were also happily accepted by the school gardener who quickly thought of places he could use them.

A huge thanks must go to all the volunteers who gave their time on Saturday. There are always the “regulars”, Sue S., Rebefed election stalls 2013 (2)cca M, Luana L, Steve P, Bridget J & Jeff G, Emma H. But there were plenty of other faces of parents who had volunteered their time (Liz M, Andrea P, Emma T, Deanne B, Jane H, Esther M, Sheryl D, Brett T, Catherine S, Sam W) and I hope they enjoyed the community feeling of the day and getting to meet other parents in the school. The day was certainly made more enjoyable and achievable with their help.

So overall a successful day with plenty of winners in the school, community and students.

fed election stalls 2013 (5)fed election stalls 2013 (6)