NEW POSTS: P&C meeting round up; Joining the P&C

There are some new posts for you to catch up on.The P&C met up on Wednesday the 7th of August: Find out what where $20,000+ of fundraising money has been spent for the school……...For a roundup of decisions and information on the night, go to P&C roundup-7th August

There is also a post on what a P&C member (well actually its me), gets out of being a part of the committee. I hope it will encourage others to get involved and perhaps address any worries or misconceptions people have about being a part of this group. You can go here to read more – Why join the P&C?…..Well Why Not?

As always – I am more than happy to hear from others who think they would like to hear about something in particular or who have perhaps got something they would like to add themselves.