There are often questions about why Lathlain Primary School doesn’t have an operating canteen. I don’t think there is any one clear answer to this question. A few years ago the P&C did look into the viability of starting up the canteen and, I think, due to the absence of volunteers and viability of starting up, it was not progressed.

Then the Deli across the road (now Kettle) provided lunches at low cost for a number of years. The deli filled the lunch time gap until last year when it closed. Although some would argue it was of dubious quality, they provided basic sandwiches, toasties and occasional hot food. Other local businesses were approached when the Deli closed, but they were not found to be suitable from a price or convenience point of view.

BUT – Looks like we have some movement on this issue with a few motivated parents taking up the cause, and working to getting one day a week service operating by mid-next term. This is fantastic news, and if we want a more regular service, we can all support them by volunteering to help every few weeks.

If you are specifically interested in volunOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAteering for the canteen, please email them at

If you are just interested in volunteering in general, you can email We have a growing list people, but we understand weekends are a busy time for most of us, so the larger the pool to choose from the better chance of success.