Junior Choir Sing Festival

singing-children-The Grade 2 and 3 students who attended today’s Sing Festival at UWA were fantastic. I watched them last year and Mrs. Holle choice of songs are always entertaining for both children and parents alike. This year we heard about the thirsty sheep along with a little dance routine, and was that a blue’s version of the Humpty Dumpty story? There seemed a lot more students in the group than last year, which must show what a good job Mrs. Holle does in keeping the kids interested. They looked great in their blue and white choir shirts and I wish I could have taken a photo, but photo’s aren’t allowed. I would thoroughly recommend involving the kids in the school choir, it is a fun and gentle way to introduce them to standing up in public but also helps them feel part of a group and gain that sense of group achievement. Good job kids and great job Mrs. Holle, looking forward to next year.