Chocolates; Entertainment books and Officeworks

If you are looking of Entertainment books don’t forget to ask at the school office or speak with Sharon Gayski. A percentage of each book goes towards the school P&C and it is always a handy fundraiser with great savings and idea’s when looking for things to do with the kids in holidays.

Officeworks is holding a fundraising day on Saturday the 22nd of June. They have offered to provide all the items for a lucky dip table and the P&C can take all the proceeds of the day if we man the table. People from our volunteer’s list have offered to do shifts on the day, but we could do with a few more. Please email us if you are free for a few hours. Thanks to Officeworks for the opportunity. It is an easy fundraiser for us.

Chocolates coming soon: If you have a workplace that often needs that 2pm pick up ? Then take a box of chocolates for the school and let your work-mates get their fix. Contact Sue Shadbolt or just email the fundraising committee – to register your interest.

Fun Pack Mixed