Lathlain Primarys School P&C: Welcome to our blog

The Lathlain P&C is excited to introduce our newest way of communicating and connecting members of our friendly school. It is hoped that through this blog we can better inform parents of the school about what the P&C does and encourage people to participate in the variety of activities the P&C gets involved in. You don’t have to be a P&C member to participate in school events or contribute idea’s and hopefully this blog will make it easier for you to see what you find interesting and how you can get involved.  It also allows the P&C to feedback some of the outcomes that occur through fundraising and policy contribution to the school – there is a lot of things the P&C do that parents may not really know about.

We also hope this can be a forum for connecting parents to community sites and activities that are relevant to our kids, and if you are a small business we would be happy to advertise your business for a small donation.

So have a look around, give us some feedback on what you like, what you don’t like and perhaps what you would like added. Spread the word to your friends and make this a regular part of your internet searches.